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The following links are very interesting websites. Just take some time and have a closer look...

The American organization of professional western writers.


Homepage of legendary country singer Slim Dusty from Australia ( 1927 - 2003 )


A new ebook publisher with a great variety of novels.

A website with very interesting western novels, published in ebook-size.

This is the website of BLITZ-Verlag.
I am publishing regional crime novels for this company

This is the website of publisher Torsten Low.
Phantastic novels, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Horror.
And a ddomsday novel called DARK WORLDS,
which will be published in 2014.

This is the website of writer Jonathan Philippi.
Interesting fiction for young adults.


 Homepage of Photo Studio Laackman in Marburg / Germany. A very professional studio, well known for high quality and innovative photo creations




A very special place for cultural events and theatre in Marburg / Germany. Just imagine an old and long closed down railroad depot with old brickstone buildings where once workers used to repair trains and rails. This is now a cultural place with about 260 different events each year. So if you have the chance to stop by for a visit, use this opportunity and get an impression of this "special cultural atmosphere".



After my faithful dog Kimba passed away on December 9th 2007, I was thinking about a special place where I could lay him to rest in dignity. I have found this place.


Website of friends and readers of Blackhorse Westerns. They also share a forum and exchange very interesting opinions.

Website of Robert Hale publishers in London / England. Editor und publisher of the Black Horse Western series.


Website of Karl-Jürgen Roth, who does a terrific job in researching and writing about Western literature.



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